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Move ahead arithmetic with the Desmos scientific calculator! In summation to the basic operations, take benefit of a variety of built-in functions for investigating trigonometry, statistics, combinatorics, and more. Or, outline and estimate your own functions all for free. Through the Desmos and Learnosity community, buyers can leverage the Graphing, Scientific, and Four Function Calculators in two styles.

First, these Calculators can be fused as a feature on any Learnosity item. In this demo, click “Add new”, and operate to “Features”. You can pick amongst the 3 Desmos custom features: Desmos Four Function Calculator, Desmos Graphing Calculator, and Desmos Scientific Calculator.

Second, authors can design custom open-ended, graded math items within seconds. Learnosity presents a number of templates across math and economics, plus the capability to generate custom math item types. In this demo, click “Add new”. You can pick a Question Type amongst the sections: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Statistics, Economics, Calculus, Miscellaneous. At Desmos, we assume a world of universal math refinement where math is convenient and pleasant for all students. To that end, we’ve established a simple yet powerful scientific calculator that runs on the same blazingly-fast math engine as our next-generation graphing calculator, but with a more modernized set of features, for those times when you just don’t necessitate a graph. It’s instinctive, beautiful, and absolutely free.

Features of Demos APK:

  1. Trigonometry: Assess the significant trigonometric functions and their inverses, using either radians or degrees for angle measure.
  2. Statistics: Estimate the mean and standard deviation (sample or population) of a list of data.
  3. Combinatorics: Count combinations and permutations and calculate factorials.
  4. Works offline, no internet connection needed.
  5. Organize and evaluate your own functions using ordinary function notation.
  6. Designate values to variables for later usage.

View varied expressions at once. Unlike many scientific calculators, all of your preceding work remains visible on the screen

Application Permissions:

Admittance information about networks

  • Open network sockets.
  • Access information regarding Wi-Fi networks.
  • Power Manager Wake Locks to prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • Read from external storage.
  • Enables an application to obtain messages via Google Cloud Messaging.
  • Write to external storage.


Minimum Operating System: Android 5.0.

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