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You necessitate downloading the APK Editor app to edit APK files on your phone. You can do Full APK edits including restoring the complete files or a simple smart edit. This app will aid you to complete both complicated and easy APK file editing tasks.

Normally, when you have a concern installing an APK file or a normal app on your phone that is not supported or crashing.  Advanced users prefer this tool to edit APK file functions in order to make the downloaded file compatible and installation-friendly. And if you don’t have the APK itself, you can deduce it from any app that you have installed.   Everything depends on how skillful you are. APK Editor is a tricky app. When practiced well it can bring you lots of joy, but if used inadequately not so much.

Using the APK Editor:

  • The Pro version will cost you $4.99 and will have extra features, But We are Providing you Free.
  • Full Edit, Simple Edit, or Common Edit, pick the one that is needed. Pick a common edit and go to the install location option.
  • Pick the external memory and click the edit button on APK Editor. Once the file is edited to your preference the app will send a pop-up to discard, install, or close the file.

The APK editor app is also customizable for those particular users. You can shift between full scene and normal screen modes. Authorize different themes and apply different launcher icons that you like. This app is no longer usable on the play store.  APK Customization

APK Editor Pro:

The application can edit and customize any APK files that have been downloaded online either through an app store or transported from computers. It has diverse tools and guides to administer with modifying the properties of the APK file.

APK Editor Features:

APK Editor Pro permits users to hack and alter any APK files from mobile devices.    Just open the APK file from the file folder or installed apps and an option for modifications arrive. Users can modify that APK information according to their personal choices. They can save their modifications after modifying the APK by pushing the upper right icon. It has instinctive tools to get the job done. There are guides and examples stored for users just in case they are lost with their editing.

  • Full Edit and Simple Edit Tasks available.
  • Compatible with most of APK files.
  • Also Supports Manifest editing.
  • Editing examples and guides.
  • User May experience slowdown.
  • Necessitates care and knowledge of APK coding.
  • Demands backup of APK file to be edited.
  • Modifying an APK can destroy devices

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